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22.10.2006, 22:37
Folgenden Nachricht bekam ich aus England. Man hatt vor um einem Jena-Auerstaedt medal zu machen. Für dem der Interesse hatt -> für mehr Information können Sie Kontakt aufnemen mit Herrn Peter Catley, chairman of the NA : peter.catley@btinternet.com

Jena-Auerstadt event 14 October 2006.

I have received sufficient interest to produce a commemorative medal for
this event. I now need to get positive orders. I attach the revised
details, the battle has been shown as Jena-Auerstadt rather than just
Jena, the ribbon changed from red to green so as not to clash with
Legion d'honor.

I have received interest from Jerry Lavender (Polish Lancers), Duncan
Miles (45eme) Oleg Vlasyuk (Kiev Grenadiers) Mike Matthews (21eme) Chris
Perko, and Chris Matthews (21eme) Marius Franke (127eme) and Andy
Whiteley (KGL). Please ensure that where you are making a group order
you have given me an up to date number of medals you require. Payment
will be come due once I have the medals for distribution.

If you know of anyone else who was present and might be interested,
please pass this message and its attachment to them and ask them to
contact me if they wish to order.

There is a minimum order quantity which I believe that we have reached
but this may restrict the possibility of a repeat order. Please get the
details to me as soon as possible so that I can place the order.

Would anyone be interested in a tee shirt for this event? Again you need
to let me know, the design would be similar to one we did for Austerlitz.


Peter Catley
22 October 2006.

23.10.2006, 07:01
Hast du das schon ins Waszmann Forum gestellt? Da gibt es sicherlich noch mehr Interessenten.

23.10.2006, 21:42
nein, habe ich noch nicht. Was ist der Link zu dieses Forum ?

24.10.2006, 06:11
Hier der Link zum Forum: http://www.reenactorforum.waszmann.de/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl

26.10.2006, 08:25
Lumière hat mir ein Bild geschickt, was ich hier jetzt einstellen möchte.http://foto.arcor-online.net/palb/alben/47/3541247/1024_6439346537663766.jpg