Regiment Nassau-Oranien

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  • MHQiu
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    • 19.02.2021
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    Regiment Nassau-Oranien

    In Peter Wacker's book "Das Herzoglich-Nassauische Militär 1806-66", he describes the uniform of the regiment Nassau-Oranien with "Die Aufschläge und die Schoßumschläge waren orange". However, in some depictions, such as Jan Hoynck van Papendrecht 's depiction of the staff and of a fusilier, show the turnbacks as red (images below, both in the collection of the Nationaal Militair Museum). Which of these colourations would be correct?

    (I must apologize for posting in English, as I am not confident enough in my knowledge of German to post in that language)
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  • DrsRob
    • 09.03.2011
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    Judging from a tarif in German and supplies of materials by the Dutch Army the facing colour was red. (Dutch National Archives.)

    The uniform was not identical to the Dutch one!

    The Capitulation did state that the Regiment would be dressed according to Dutch regulations. However, it arrived in the Netherlands clothed and armed, like the 2nd Nassau Light Infantry. The Regiment and Orange-Nassau repeatedly requested patterns for a Dutch Uniform, but these were never supplied. They only adopted the Dutch pattern white waistcoat and sleeved white waistcoat, the latter with a red collar.