My comment above was for Muheijo alone, not ger. Sorry, as it could be misunderstood.
As HKDW translates the pictures shows Johan Friele as commmander of the Royal Citizen Guard of Bergen.
The guard was also meant to serve as a part of the local police, also lead by Friele.
The interesting is that the uniform chosen seems to be an exact copy of the officers undress uniform in the Danish ulan escadron 1808-1815, except for the chapka plate with the Norweigian lion.
The Danish ulans was a single escadron with the Hussar Regiment. The Danish hussars often did police service, so even an escadron for periods of riots served in Norway, but Danish ulans never served in Norway.

The men of the Citizen Guard also wore copies of the Danish ulan undress uniform with red chakots, only the officers had chapkas.
It is rather curious that the new Norweigian king, the Swedish king Carl XIV (the former French marshall Bernadotte) so soon allowed a Norweigian police unit to wear in reality Danish uniforms, especially as the transition of Norway in 1814 gave several riots, which the local police had had to quell.

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