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Thema: Württemberg Military Regulations.

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    Standard Württemberg Military Regulations.

    Any additions, corrections or downloads? Interested in the period 1790-1815.

    Württemberg Military Regulations.


    1757 Regulations for the laudable infantry regiments of the Swabian Creyses; The Evolutiones, the Manual, and the Chargirung contain, and according to which all Officers have to behave otherwise ... 1757. 160 p.:

    1793 Exercir-Regulations for the infantry and cavalry regiments of the princes and estates of the löbl. Swabian crop. 1793. 146 p., 1 p.: Graph. Darst.:

    1794 Provisional instruction for the officers of the Land militia in the Duchy of Wirtemberg. 1794.:
    List of the Compagnie of the battalions Landmiliz. :

    1794 Exercier-Regulations for the Landmiliz of the Duchy of Wirtemberg. Stuttgart: Cotta, 1794. 56 p. :

    1800 instructional points for the Ducal-Wirttemberg infantry. 1800. 70 p.:

    1809 Exercise Regulations for the Royal Wurttemberg Infantry: with the corresponding plans / [given by Friedrich, King of Württemberg, February 16, 1809]. 1809. Part: 1: 152 p.: 41 plans. :

    1810 Service Regulations for the Royal Wurttemberg Infantry. [issued July 1, 1810]. 1810.: Service Regulations for the Royal Württemberg Infantry. 3 vols. Stuttgart 1809-1810:
    1: From service at all, and in particular from ministry at peace. 1810. 320 p.:
    2: Of the infantry service in the field. 1809. 194 p.:
    3: plates.

    1818 regulation for the interior service of the infantry. Stuttgart 2 vols. 1818.:
    Song: 400, [1] S.:
    Scheme: 36 sheets. :

    1819 [training instruction infantry wuerttembergische]. 1819. "pp. Xx, 68, 515, - 99." ::

    1819 excerpt from the Exerzier-rule for the Royal. Würtemb. Infantry: for the NCOs. 1819.:

    1824 Bayonet Fencing Teaching for the Royal Württemberg Infantry. 1824. 62 p.:

    1830 amendments to the Exercise Regulations for the Royal Wurttemberg Infantry, and supplements to the same. 1830.:

    1849 Full Exercir prescription for the Württembergische Bürgerwehr on foot. 1849. 254 p. :

    Cavalerie / Reuterei:

    instruction points for the Ducal-Wirtemberg Cavalry. 1802. 261 S., [1] Bl.:

    1819 Inner service of the royal Württemberg cavalry. Stuttgart: Mäntler, 1819. Textib. & Tablebd; Text: 13.5 cm; Table extension: 17.5 cm. [Text: title page, 288 pp .; Tabellebd: Scheme No. 1-60]: [Pagination Bd.1: follow p. 80 p. 65 ff]:

    1820 Bismark, Friedrich Wilhelm von, 1783-1860. Field Service Instruction for Gunners and Reuters of the Royal. Württembergische Reuterei / designed by the General Count [Friedrich Wilhelm] von Bismarck Author: Bismarck. First and Second Edition 1820. Third Edition 1821. 92 S .:
    3rd ed. 1821. 92 p. :

    1820 Plane to the exercise guidance for the Royal Württemberg Reuterey. 1820.:

    1822 Exercise instructions of the royal Würtembergische Reuterei / Wilhelm I., Württemberg, king. - Stuttgart: Mäntler, 1822. 514 S.:

    Artillery, etc .:

    1779 Rösch, Jakob Friedrich von. Sacs from the artillery / which ... under the presidency of Captain Rosch ... in the Ducal Militair Academy are publicly defended. Stuttgart: Cotta, 1779. [4] sheets. :

    1774: The ... Anniversary of the Ducal-Württemberg Militair Academy Stuttgart (4.1774 - 5.1775): http: //digi.ub.uni-heidelberg. DE / diglit / jahrs_tag_militair_akademie_stuttgart

    1806 Militair Conscription Order for the Royal Württemberg states. 1806. 28 unused Bl. [33 sheets]:

    1809 Instruction for the Royal Landdragoner Corps. [Sl], 1809 (Stuttgart: Mäntler). 27 p.

    1812 Instruction points for the Royal Württemberg General Staff: concerning his service in the field. Stuttgart: Mäntler, 1812. 29 p. :

    Misc .:

    1736-1806 Now florid Wuertemberg: or duke. Wurtemberg. Address Book, in which allerl. bey Herzogl. Courtyard, Canzley, löbl. Landscape etc. as well as d. Ducal. Militair budget, u. on d. Country is. high and low lower servants described in the best possible way ...; on d. Year
    [various titles]. : [click on "Officers" for budget militair for each year]:
    1807 / 08 Royal Württemberg State Manual. :
    Konigl. Militair Budget: 1808:

    Royal-Württembergisches Hof- und Staats-Handbuch:
    1809/10: Konig. Militaire Budget: 1810:
    1811 not
    exhausted 1812: Konigl. Militair Budget: 1813: Konig. Militair Budget:
    1815: Konigl. Militair Budget:

    1818 uniforms regulation for the royal-Wuertemberg military in special relation to the clothes of the officers. 1818. 54 p.:

    1763 Karl Eugen, Württemberg, Duke; Cotta, Christoph Friedrich, the Elder [Printer]: Renewed Statutes of the Ducal-Wurttemberg Order of Knights. 1763.:

    1818 Statutes of the Royal Württemberg Württemberg Militair Merit Order (1818). 18 p.

    Stadlinger, Leo Ignaz. History of the Württemberg warfare from the earliest to the most recent times. 1856. xii, 678 p., 36 plates. :

    There is a useful discussion at:;id=65698

    Of possible interest:

    Wuerttemberg military accounts of the napoleonic wars, See pp. 232-238:

    In same work, War Department (1818): RA2-PP12 1786th

    Artillery pour la Guerre de campagne. :
    1786. See various other vols. from Nicolai collection: Artillery of the siéges, trolleybus, Saint-Rémy, Villeneuve, Scheel, Mortiers, Miscellaneous inventions, Maneuvers d'artillerie, Recueil de diverses espèces de canon et d'equipage. Ludwigsburg, around 1786:
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    Standard Sammlung Nicolai.

    Collection Nicolai [not Nocolai!]:

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    Ferdinand Friedrich von Nicolai, 1730-1814 :
    Bio info :,_Ferdinand_Friedrich_von

    The formation of the officer in the Enlightenment: Ferdinand Friedrich von Nicolai (1730 - 1814) and his encyclopaedic collections; an exhibition of the Württembergische Landesbibliothek; April 3 to May 12, 1990 in the Württemberg State Library Stuttgart; May 19 to July 15 in the Military History Museum Rastatt / Daniel Hohrath. - Stuttgart: Württemberg. Landesbibliothek, 1990. 171 S: Ill., Graph. Darst., Kt; 28 cm. : [Literatur. Pp. 155-171]

    Prussian & Austrian army uniforms in 1742-1770: from "uniform of the troupe" of the collection of the general Ferdinand Friedrich of Nicolai. 2017. 109 p. chiefly color illustrations, color portraits. :

    Nicolai, Ferdinand Friedrich von, 1730-1814. De munere et immunitate metatorum militarium. Electa quaedam capita; praes. Godofr. Daniel Hoffmann. 1751. 52 p. :

    Nicolai, Ferdinand Friedrich von, 1730-1814. Main reasons of the mounting art. 1753.:

    Nicolai, Ferdinand Friedrich von, 1730-1814. Essai D'Architecture Militaire. 1755. x, 102 p., [2] carte di tav. :

    Nicolai, Ferdinand Friedrich von, 1730-1814. Messages from old and new war books, which either abolish or explain the field and fortress war, together with a short judgment of them, set up by the love of the Jews. F. of Nicolai. 1765. 96 p.:

    Nicolai, Ferdinand Friedrich von, 1730-1814. Attempt of a floor plan for the formation of the officer. 1775. [4] Bl., 430 p.: Http://

    Nicolai, Ferdinand Friedrich von, 1730-1814. The arrangement of a common war school for all weapons, a draft of the colonel of Nicolai, chiefs of a ducal. Würtemb. Artillery Regiments, General Quartermaster and Knights of the Militar-St. Carls Order. 1785. 508 p.:

    Nicolai, Ferdinand Friedrich von, 1730-1814 [Übers.] The party-goer or the art of the small war to lead: By the Lord of Jeney. Translated from French and explained with notes. 1785. [5] Bl., 131 pp., VII severalf. gef. Bl.: 7 ct. (Kupferst.):

    Anthology - Karlsruhe 1705. [1794-1795]. 357 p. Original: Manuscript on paper. :

    Correspondence with the Minister in St. Petersburg, [Ferdinand Friedrich] Baron von Nicolay. 1802-1806. :

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