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Preußische Kriegsgefangene in Frankreich 1814

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  • Preußische Kriegsgefangene in Frankreich 1814


    what it is handwritten in (red) german on the following document?

    such list concerns a list of Prussian POW's sent to the hospital, 30 sous and others (blue) numerical french datas are money

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    Haben Geld zum verwahren gegeben = have given money to be kept safe
    1. a soldier from 1ten Reg. 7te Comp. - "7th company of 1st regiment" (could possibly be the 1st Silesian regiment, as some of the other documents you posted are from this regiment)
    This soldier, Schumacher, deposited 3 "Tiefer" (I don't know to which currency this refers, and whether my reading of the first, capital, letter is right) and 2 Sous
    The second, Joh[ann] Kaps, deposited "eine zweygehäußige Uhr 12 r" a watch with two cases "Gehäuse"). 12 r could perhaps be 12 Reichsthaler, the value of the watch ? But this seems a lot,
    The third soldier, Greber, deposited 4 Franken = Francs.
    Soldiers 7 to 11: "selbige nicht" = they not - did they change their mind after having been put on the list and did not deposit anything ?


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      Someone competent pointed out to me that "Tiefer" in fact is "Liefer" = livre.


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        Thanks a lot Sans-Souci!

        indeed very probably are men from 2nd 3rd 6th 7th company with the 5th company of the same 1.Schlesischen Infanterie Regiments

        however the closest bigger Prussian POW's Depot at 45 km had also men from the same regiment mixed with «1st West Preussen» and «1st Landwehr» or as the French writers thought probably it was a province : from 1st Land-Werth