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Chevau-legers 1 Rgt Kaiser von Austria 1809

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  • Chevau-legers 1 Rgt Kaiser von Austria 1809

    How to find the service records of sergent François Katthias in 1 regiment of chevau-legers of the emperor of Austria, died to Novemiosto on June 14th, 1809, probably the campaign of Poland.
    I have no answer of the military archives of Austria.
    Thank you

    PS : François Katthias is perhaps from Pritluky (Prittlach, Moravia) because he has had two children in this village in 1802 and 1804. But his wife was from ... France !

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    Hello Eric,

    Maybe you are looking for something, that doesn´t exist in that way, you want it to be. "Service records" - with detailed personal and service information for enlisted men and NCO´s havent´t been in use in Austria before 1820 (then they were called "Grundbuchblaetter".) Pre - 1820 there are only the so called "Musterlisten" - registers of the regiments, incuding not much more than basic information of rank and file - squadron, rank, name, etc. As far I can see, such registers are available at the military archieves for the Kaiser - Chevauxlegers.
    So, using the link: http://www.archivinformationssystem....plansuche.aspx you will be able to locate the "Musterliste", you want and order a copy at the military archieves. Maybe, they could find some other information about Katthias at the so called "Militaermatriken", which include the religious administrative documents (the Army was an episcopate for her own and´for example marriages or births were written down in those "Matriken".

    Ciao, Klaus


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      Hello Klaus

      First i want to thank you for all these precisions
      Now, i ve looked in Musterliste and Militaermatriken but i find only Infanterieregiment but none cavalery.
      I suppose i've made a mistake in my research


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        GUTEN TAG

        I have found the Musterliste fur 1 regiment of chevau-legers

        I ask military archives to have a look , i hope an answer



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          I've had an answer van de military archives but they ask me 50 euros to do the research, i find this expensive for a result no sure.
          I appreciate the help of some one who go to the archives to have a look :attention:
          Thanks a lot