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Osterreichische Truppen um 1800

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  • Osterreichische Truppen um 1800

    Ein interessantes Bild von Novelli, das Truppen vor Marengo zeigt Die Kasketten tragen die Tannenstück zusammen mit den Eichenblättern.

    Boris Wilnitzky ist Künsthändler in Wien und stellt viele Bilder aus dieser Zeit vor.
    Angehängte Dateien

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    auch andere interessante Details, Kasketts eben und keine Raupenhelme - was eigentlich keine Überraschung ist - wie auch noch der Umhängetornister, alles eben noch die vor 1798 Vorschrift getragene Uniformen.
    Der Soldat im Mantel, hat keine Patronentasche


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      Thank you for your two posts from the 21st. Good to see you on this forum.

      Of possible interest - 5 Noelli prints from the ASKB collection::
      Francesco Novelli, 1764 (Venice) - 1836:

      I have not forgotten your request. I am working on prior requests from Thomas and Guy as well as some family business. I should get to yours this next week.



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        Two more Novelli prints:

        Campement des Autrichiens au Rhin, commandés par l'archiduc Charles :

        Campement des Français en Egypte commandés par le général Bonaparte:

        I like to view different copies of the same print to see colour consistency and detail differences.


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          I like the colouring of this print better but Novelli seems to have worked from existing uniform series than being a witness by himself.


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            I like the colouring of this print better but Novelli seems to have worked from existing uniform series than being a witness by himself.
            Yes, I would agree with that - even the tavern seems bit odd with the hussar on the left in red and that mix of fir and oak leaf, but I think that is largely eyewitness. I knew the Archduke Charles pic, but not the artist.


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              Francesco Novelli (italienisch, 1764 - 1836), Rastende Soldaten im Hof. 10,5 x 14,8 cm (4,1 x 5,8 in):
              [reversed image!] Soldaten in einem Wirtshaus: Die zechenden Sieger sind um einen Tisch versammelt, die Verlierer ziehen in einem Pferdewagen ab. 10 x 15 cm (3,9 x 5,9 in):

              Early 19th Etching by Francesco Novelli (1764-1836) & Gaetalo Venzo (1770-1843):


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                Perini, Giovanni Battista. Di Francesco Novelli incisore e pittore veneziano / memoria del P. Giambattista Perini. Estratto da: La difesa, anno 21., 15-16 marzo 1887, n. 61. 22 p. 27cm.

                “Francesco Novelli [the Elder] (1767 (Venice) - 6.xii.1836 (Venice)): Italian, 18th - 19th century, male. Born 1767, in Venice; died 6 December 1836, in Venice. Painter, engraver, draughtsman, copyist. Francesco Novelli was the son and pupil of Pietro Antonio Novelli III. He went on to work at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice before going to Rome. Novelli merits special mention for the copies he made of Rembrandt's etchings, with such remarkable skill that his reproductions have sometimes been confused with the originals. He also produced engravings of Mantegna’s drawings, and was a member of several academies.” The Oxford Dictionary of Art.

                “La difesa” periodicità 1887

                La difesa: giornale politico amministrativo letterio settimanale 8 mag. 1886 n. 1 - 29 giu. 1887 n. 35. Viterbo (Italy).

                Perini, Giovanni Battista. Della vita e delle opere di Francesco Novelli, pittore ed incisore veneziano (1888). VII, 93 p. :

                “Francesco Novelli (1767 - 1836) illustratore di libri” by Paola Pugliese, in Atti dell'Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti. Classe di Scienze Morali, Lettere ed Artit. T. 163, 2005, II, 379-455:

                Pugliese, Paola (2002) Francesco Novelli, illustratore di libri (1767-1836). [Laurea vecchio ordinamento] (2002). Thesis: