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Protzte für 3pf Feldkanone Modell Dieskau

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  • Protzte für 3pf Feldkanone Modell Dieskau

    Ich suche technische Bilder mit Maße für Protzte für 3pf Feldkanone Modell Dieskau. Ich habe kein Maße für Räder und Kasten von diesem Protzte erhalten.

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    which model Dieskau?

    Are we talking 1757, 1758, or 1768? Also which Dieskau 3pdr? light, heavy or regimental artillery? I assume you have seen the Dieskau 1768 3-pdr gun tube in the musee de l'armee? Also some new equipment was introduced after war of Bavarian Succession. So it all depends on when you are wanting to create Prussian artillery for and what nature of artillery also.

    I have some plans that may be of use, but need to know which 3-pdr


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      Dear Drouot,
      I'm looking for modell 1768 3pd cannon, Dieskau system.
      If the plan is large please send to lepige(at)


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        which type of 3-pdr, the heavy or light? As we have the 1768 Dieskau 3-pdr, 16.5 calibres long, and 18.5 calibre long piece and the Holtzmann 1774 3-pdr 18.5 calibre long was a lighter verison of the Dieskau heavy/long 3-pdr. These guns differe greatly in weight and tube size, and this of neccessity the size of the limber. The Dieskau 3-pdr gun tube weighed nearly as much as a complete Gribeauval system 4-pdr, and was a lot larger. Are you making a 1:1 reconstruction or a scale model?


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          I need plan of limber to this type of 3pdr Dieskau (with ammo box)

          It looks very heavy, because it is 20,5 calibre long. Check this!:attention:


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            I have the plans for the 1772 3-pdr, modified c.1790/5 limber if that's any use? If memory serves the wheels are about 4foot in diameter.

            Are you building a 1:1 scale replica or a reduced scale piece?


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              It will be useful, of course!
              Diameter of wheels is 4 prussian foots (125,28cm).
              We (our group) want make full scale 1:1 replica of this model.

              Please contact with me by e-mail : lepige(at)


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                I also have plans for the laffet and carriage mounted ammunition box also. It is virtually the same as the M1758 design. If memory serves the Prussian 3-pdr is larger than a French M1803 6-pdr.